Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone Solutions

DKS Computer Services has experience with a variety of hosted and on-premise VoIP implementations including Asterisk. Whether you are looking to replace your current telephone system or simply need maintenance and support for an existing VoIP deployment, our skilled technicians are able to work with you to develop a versatile, cost effective telephony solution.

Despite revolutions in the communications industry, a business phone is still your primary means of interaction with customers, suppliers, and associates. Advances in technology, however, have allowed for the development of a new, more versatile, cost effective method of telephony when compared to traditional offerings. This is the promise of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP telephony.

VoIP allows you to leverage your current office computer network and broadband connection to make phone calls and run a complete business telephone environment over the network you already have in place. Therefore, instead of having completely separate phone and computer networks, you have just one network that works seamlessly. There are many cost and feature benefits that will be described in greater detail below.

Best of all this transition allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers with extension dialing, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and much more. All the features of a normal PBX telephone system are available. Once established, moves, additional lines, and other changes can be easily performed in house eliminating the need for costly support calls.

Hosted vs On-Premise PBX?

Choosing the correct VoIP solution for your business depends on a variety of factors specific to your individual needs. Some of your primary considerations are likely to be cost, flexibility, features, and deployment. Rest assured, whatever your needs, a knowledgeable DKS Computer Services consultant will be available to answer your questions and help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

Our technicians have successfully deployed both hosted solutions by providers such as Apptix, Telepacific, and Speakeasy as well as internal Asterisk based systems such as FreePBX and Trixbox. Regardless of your chosen option, DKS Computer Services will be able to provide you top tier maintenance and support.

Standard Business PBX Service Features

  • Keep your existing number(s)
  • Extension dialing
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Web-based system management tools: providing a quick and easy way to make changes and perform changes to your phone system from any Web browser
  • To better address the needs of our SMB customers, we also provide advanced telephony features as part of all our packages

Advanced Service Features

  • Auto attendant: Add a virtual receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers with options for connecting to the operator, dialing by name or extension, or connecting directly to an extension
  • Voicemail to email: Send your voice messages to your Outlook inbox as .wav recordings
  • Music on hold: Upload an audio file containing music, advertising, or customer updates for callers to hear while on hold
  • Mobility services: Find Me/Follow Me and Remote Office features provide even the busiest “road warriors” with a way to stay in touch
  • Multi-office support: Manage and remotely administer extensions at other locations—or home-based offices—as easily as if they were onsite

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