IT Support Packages

In addition to our Per Incident Support options, DKS Computer Services provides clients the opportunity of purchasing an IT Support Packages at discounted rates. These plans are designed to meet the needs of everybody from the casual home user to those of a thriving and active business facing growing demands on their information technology infrastructure.

Clients who are looking to outsource some or all of their IT administrative tasks can purchase one of our Ongoing Support Plans. These plans are set up with regular recurring billing allowing businesses to plan and budget for their IT needs well in advance.

For those customers who are looking to implement a single project or are not interested in a recurring plan, we also provide a number of Block Hours Packages which allow you to prepay for services at discounted rates.

With all of our plans, to the best of our abilities, we will try to schedule all of your appointments with a single consultant to allow him/her to better familiarize themselves with your environment thereby enabling them to provide higher quality services. Remember however that your consultant always has the ability to call in other associates with specialized skill sets if needed.

Please note that these plans cover standard consulting and administrative support only including common networking and development. Highly specialized skill sets may need to be invoiced separately. Please contact us if you believe your needs fall outside the scope of our standard support plans.

Upon purchasing an IT Support Packages through the following links, you will be contacted by a support representative who will discuss your individual requirements and make the necessary arrangements to implement your selected package. If you do not find a plan here that you believe matches your requirements, please feel free to contact us and we can develop a customized strategy to address your specific needs. Alternatively, you may want to take a look at our Per Incident Support rate schedule.