DKS Computer Services is committed to preserving your privacy and securing your information

Here at DKS Computer Services we realize that as systems and network administrators we often have greater access to business and/or personal information than possibly even your attorneys or spouse. With this in mind, we would like you to rest assured information security and privacy is our top priority. DKS Computer Services will never sell or exchange your information to third parties without your explicit consent... or a court order, and information is shared internally only on the strictest need to know basis. Furthermore, DKS Computer Services will never access, copy, use, or retain your information or data without your notification and consent. Our clients routinely trust us with their most essential mission critical information and we are committed to continually strive to earn and maintain that trust.

Website Information Collection, Usage, and Retention


DKS Computer Services uses anonymous cookies to track website usage. A cookie is a small file downloaded by your browser from our servers. DKS Computer Services uses data from these cookies to analyze usage trends for the purpose of improving the experience of visitors to our site. There is no personally identifiable information stored in these cookies.

DKS Computer Services also will send cookies to registered users of our websites. These cookies are used by our servers to facilitate access to restricted areas the site by registered users as well as to gather site usage details as stated above. These cookies can be used to learn personally identifiable information including but not limited to website logins and pages visited. We do not use cookies to track web usage outside our servers. By registering with DKS Computer Services, you agree to the use of these cookies.

Information Collection and Usage

DKS Computer Services logs general website usage information such page views, regional usage information, and other usage details. This information is used for the purposes of optimizing our website for usability as well as to analyze marketing efforts. This data is only used in aggregate. DKS Computer Services will make no attempts to use information gathered in this fashion to identify or track individual users.

If you choose to contact DKS Computer Services through our website we may ask that you provide specific information such as your name, email address, or other details. DKS Computer Services will use and retain this information only for the purposes stated and we will not share or exchange this information with third parties without specific consent. DKS Computer Services reserves the right to retain certain information as an internal record of communications. Users are assured that this information will remain secured and only distributed internally to employees directly serving or managing your accounts. At your request, DKS Computer Services will delete or destroy any information not deemed necessary for internal record keeping by DKS Computer Services.

External Links

Our website may contain links to third party websites. DKS Computer Services maintains no control over the content, policies or practices employed by external websites. We strongly advise that you read the privacy policies of any website with whom you choose to share information.

Website Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, DKS Computer Services has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, administrative, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information collected online. Additionally, we are continually monitoring our website for suspicious activities as well as testing, updating, and improving our security policies. We vow to make every effort to assure that information stored on our website will not be made available to unauthorized users. In the highly unlikely event unauthorized access is gained, we will attempt to notify all affected users of the breach as well as inform them which information may have been compromised as quickly as possible.

Client Data and Information Collection, Usage, and Retention

Client Account Information


With limited exceptions, DKS Computer Services will also retain records of all communications to and from DKS Computer Services. This may include but is not limited to website initiated communications, email sent and received, transcripts from online chat or messaging services, text messages sent and received, logs of sent, received, and/or missed telephone calls, logs, recordings, and/or transcripts of voicemails received, and recordings of telephone conversations made with the consent of the client. DKS Computer Services will retain communications data and information even if it contains other sensitive or privileged information. DKS Computer Services will delete all communications for which DKS Computer Services or one of its agents was not the intended recipient.

Client Data

DKS Computer Services will not access, copy, use, or retain any client data for any reason without prior knowledge and consent. If it is necessary to perform any of these operations in order to provide requested services, the client will be informed on a case by case basis unless the client has consented to allow the consultant some discretion in such operations.

If copying or moving data for a client, DKS Computer Services will always prefer to do so exclusively on media and/or drives which belong to and will remain in the possession of the client. If data must be copied to media and/or drives belonging to DKS Computer Services, DKS Computer Services will delete the data and/or destroy the media as soon as it is determined it is no longer needed to complete the operation at hand. If possible, this data will also be overwritten.

In other cases DKS Computer Services may need to access or copy client data in order to perform a requested service. In some instances, this data may be retained by DKS Computer Services if it is deemed useful or necessary to perform follow up operations or support. Any data stored or maintained for these purposes will be desroyed or deleted at the request of the client.

DKS Computer Services does not sell or distribute drives that have previously contained client data. Any drive being retired will either be destroyed or overwritten in multiple passes in order to make recovery of client data from the drive impossible.

Access Credentials

In many cases, clients will be required to provide DKS Computer Services sensitive passwords and/or other credentials. DKS Computer Services makes it a policy to not record or retain these credentials unless at the request or with explicit consent of the client. DKS Computer Services will destroy any retained passwords or credentials at the request of the client at any time with the exception of information covered by the retention policies mentioned under Client Account Information.

All client information will only be available internally as needed by employees involved in servicing or managing that particular client account.

Changes to this Policy

DKS Computer Services reserves the right to amend this policy on occasion without notification. Any amended terms will be posted clearly on this website. We advise you check this privacy policy regularly and be aware of any changes.

DKS Computer Services will never sell client information to advertisers!

Acceptance of Terms

By accessing this website you agree to the practices regarding the information collection, and its associated use, as described in this policy.

Furthermore, by contacting and/or registering with DKS Computer Services you agree to all practices and policies including those related to information retention as expressed in this document.